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Client Service is our Speciality!
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Sisters Wendi Francis and Jodi Smith learned the value of client service and relationship building at a young age.  Having watched and worked side by side with their parents in building Star Tickets they value each and every client.


Personalized service that is immediate and reliable is the foundation of Star Tickets.  As a member of the NATB, Star Tickets ensures the highest level of standards and abides by consumer protection guidelines. 


Speaking with clients, understanding their entertainment preferences, delivering quality tickets and building long lasting relationships are their passion.  

I have been doing business with STAR TICKETS for over 20 years now.

Wendy and Jodi are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

They are honest, customer friendly, and know their stuff. I can always rely on them for our entertainment needs. 

Chris A


Studio 54, the former disco nightclub in the 1970’s, has always been  known for its celebrity guest list, restrictive and selective entry policies and open club drug use.

The building was sold in 1998 to the Roundabout Theatre Company and has  served as a working theatre retaining the name Studio 54.

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